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    The cold regeneration machine is designed to solve the problem of full depth road renovation and soil stability, and adopts an automatic depth control device. The load control device maintains the engine speed at peak torque to maintain high productivity. The four steering modes offer rich mobility. There are three options for rotors: a special asphalt layer for powder general rotors; The function of shredding and the stability of the two combinations of the rotor; Different soil types from two dedicated soil stabilization rotors.
    The advantages of road cold regeneration technology are unparalleled compared to traditional methods of road surface maintenance and renovation using on-site cold regeneration technology.
    1. Low cost. According to the engineering information introduced overseas, compared to the new coverage method of old laminated materials, the cost of on-site cold regeneration energy is reduced from about 20% to 46%.
    2. By improving the level of old roads, we can enhance the carrying capacity of the grassroots, improve the roads, and fundamentally, this is a low-grade highway, especially with a special meaning.
    3. The structural integrity with uniform thickness leads to the lack of thin interfaces between the inner layers of the cold recycling store and the traditional construction methods.
    4. The roadbed is undamaged and can only be regenerated once in the exposed roadbed due to a one-time cold recycling method. Compared with traditional construction methods, the damage to the roadbed is relatively small.
    5. Save materials, all old materials will be used locally, greatly reducing the amount of new materials to protect resources.
    6. The construction period is short because there are no transportation issues with old materials, and there are no other materials scattered on the old machines and targets. There is no need for specialized dismantling and crushing of bulk materials. More importantly, the characteristic of one-time operation greatly simplifies the construction process and saves construction time.
    7. Cold regeneration protects the environment, as the use of old materials greatly reduces the development of new materials, without the problem of transportation and stacking of old materials, in order to meet the fundamental requirements of environmental protection.
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